School Yedidiass

School Yedidia ( Yedidiass = Yedidia secondary school) is in Tanzania in the District of Mbulu, in the area of Maretadu. This area is not surrounded by villages or cities. The closest larger towns are Dongobesh and Haydom.  The name of the school comes from the Bible and means the friend of God, God’s favorite (See 2 Samuel 12; 24-25.)

History of the school

The school was established in 2003 with 22 students (9 girls and 13 boys). It was established by Paulo Bura Hhoko, the director. He was trying to help young people without secondary education, who wanted to study but did not have an opportunity.

At the beginning they were using a classroom in a primary school and met from afternoon till midnight.

The students that started in this school, we know about seven who are employed. Three of them are teachers in primary school, three in secondary school and one of them works in the army.

Paulo had a small group of coworkers in 2004. They requested the authorities for a piece of land for the school. They got a three acre plot (1 acre = 0,4 ha) They built a small house from 16 metal plates and bricks made of mud, called “boma“ in Swahili. Later they started saving, collecting bricks, rocks to afford another part of the building. The construction material was transported in a carriage pulled by cows.

The foundation of the first building was dug in 2007, and in 2009 they built the walls and roof. The building has two classrooms and three.

The school currently has three classrooms – individual building, and rooms for 2-3 teachers, science laboratory, and a half-built dormitory for girls. The finishing of the laboratory was necessary for the registration of the school in the system of Tanzania. This enabled the school to organize national testing after 2nd and 4th year. The students had to take the tests at a different school before. The students at Yedidiass can complete their secondary education, since last ear after taking the 4thyear test they can continue in 5th  and 6th  grade.

The new school year at Yedidiass started Jan 7, 2019. The school has 106 students and 47 of them are supported. There are 9 teachers and 4 other employees working at the school.

The school is supported by Lutheran Church TERASA in Kosice in Slovakia and Lutheran Church Nebory SCEAV in Czech Republic ČR.